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Online yoga and fitness memberships

  Alexa approached me just before she immigrated to Canada. After 12 years of teaching yoga and fitness classes in the UK, she wanted to move her classes to an online paid membership site, where her students could carry on their yoga or fitness sessions through video classes. Alexa needed a platform in which to run 3 main business plans; an online yoga and fitness membership, weekend yoga retreats, and a teacher mentoring service. The website requested was to be a strong eye-catching site that also portrayed the ethos of ‘yoga’. The site would need a comprehensive membership system where students could have their own accounts and also be able to communicate with their teacher when needed.
The deadline for this project was extremely tight as Alexa wanted the site designed, built, and launched before her move date. It was important to not only retain her existing clients but to also start reaching out to prospective local clients in Canada as soon as possible.

Alexa Garside Yoga for all project work logo

After the branding was established the art direction was carried through into the website design. The website is intuitive to use with bold calming colours, eyecatching parallax backgrounds and repeat patterns. The 3 business plans are defined clearly and clients can easily navigate around to find the information they need.

  • Logo design
  • Art direction
  • UX/UI
  • Responsive design
  • Website architecture & design
  • Website build
  • PHP/JavaScript
Alexa Garside Yoga for all project work web page
Alexa Garside Yoga for all project work web page