The Royal Connaught Lodge 2676

Eastbourne Freemasonry

  The Royal Connaught Lodge 2676 had an exiting website from many years ago that was so out of date it was completely redundant. The Comms Officer, Brenden, approached me to build a new website that would be modern, clean, captivating, and bring their branding into the 21st century. Brenden also requested a site that was very easy for their members to use with the ability to reach information quickly, as the age range of the lodge was between 21 and 90s. Having provided a lot of content information, the client wanted the whole site to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible. The Royal Connaught Lodge is part of the Province of Sussex, and so the website had to be approved by the Sussex Freemasons before it could be launched.

My involvement was to, firstly, show the client the best possible site architecture that would work well with the amount of text content given. I used the colours from their logo and introduced a new font to refresh their branding. Large areas of text were broken up with animating or interactive component blocks, making it easier to digest. The imagery supplied were treated to compliment the ‘punchy’ branding colours, and a side menu navigation used to steer away from the traditional top menu layout.
The finished site is very member-friendly and has received a lot of positive feedback from members of the organisation. It received its ‘Provincial Approval Award’ from Sussex Freemasons with no changes or amends and was complimented as having “…an excellent standard”.

  • UX/UI
  • Responsive design
  • Website architecture & design
  • Website build
The Royal Connaught Lodge 2676 project work web page
The Royal Connaught Lodge 2676 project work web page
The Royal Connaught Lodge 2676 project work web page